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August 10, 2021

Sitting on the platform, waiting for a train
To take me to a station where no one knows my name
Anonymity awaits me – a destiny of choice.
No one to chide or coax me, the only sound - my voice.

With a crackle and a buzz an announcement is delivered
That my trip to ‘Peace and Harmony’ is being reconsidered.
“There’s a second line now open”, a different route to take
A choice between two journeys, a choice I need to make.

The first line promises a fast and direct track
The second visits places to make me wander back.
To consider all past visits, good, bad and in-between
Along with new horizons, unknown and yet unseen.

So I’m caught in a dilemma – which train to embark?
Both could lead to a new day or headlong into dark.
No guarantee from either, for happy ever after.
No promises of freedom, smiles and shameless laughter.

And the station master warns of options good and bad
"Don’t leave behind your memories – the happy or the sad.
Don’t leave them on the platform – take them on the train.
No such thing as endless sunshine – all memories needs rain!"

Decision need draws near, the clock still says there’s time
To consider both options –two choices I hold dear.
Two journeys at the same time – not possible or fair
So a choice must now be made – which one do I dare.





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17/08/2021 11:44
This reveals your courage and your buoyancy :)

Kim Bennett

14/06/2022 06:35
No such thing as endless sunshine – all memories needs rain!" So true!

Michelle Tsimouris

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