About Me



I have been scribbling thoughts and rhymes ever since I was a little girl. These would be silly poems and little songs. I remember how I would dress up in my mother’s ‘fancy’ clothes and act or sing out my little songs in front of her mirror – when no one was around. Sometimes with my younger sister, together we would perform mini concerts for our parents.

A couple of these earlier rhyming attempts I have kept and they are fun for me to reminisce upon. Silly but a load of fun wrapped up in some special memories.

My writing took a back seat while I grew into an adult and began a family and pursued my nursing career. From time to time I would write thoughts down on paper and these were always via poetry as I found this the perfect medium for me to express my thoughts and emotions. Largely though it is through the feelings of despair, sadness and anger that I write. I am not a dark person by any means – most people find me very cheerful and fun to be around, but I don’t tend to write from the happy. But I am trying!






A lot of the poems and stories I have written over the years found their way to the trash bin. I have a problem accepting that what I write might be reasonable and somebody else may resonate with the content. I doubt my ability quite a bit. I have long suffered from that little devil that sits on my shoulder and whispers doubts into my ear! So now here I am in the public domain putting it all out there for anyone to read. I am a little apprehensive to say the least and that little devil is chatting away to me even now.

Most of my poems reflect my thoughts on marriage and relationship breakdowns, those hard decisions we make on our life journey.

Rhyming poetry doesn’t seem to be “in”, as general thoughts are that it lacks relevance and the rhyming sounds contrived. I can see that is some that I have read, but for me, I find rhyming comes naturally and rarely find myself struggling to find the next rhyme. But I have recently tried my hand at non-rhyme and I have surprised myself how much I love it. I am finding it gives me more scope and a lot more freedom with my words.. 






But I don’t just write poems! That’s the “And More” bit. I am currently writing a novel – 2 years in, so a slow process – watch this space. As I still work full time nursing, time has become my major hurdle there. I have written short stories and have a couple on the typewriter as we speak. I have also written stories for children. That was something I use to do when my own children were little – they too made their way to the bin. The stories that is, not the kids!

I am now delving into the happy with my my writing! I will be posting snippets of some of my efforts for you to peruse!

I have also written songs (without the music – that I have no idea how to do), but I have the lyrics!

So Poetry and More is who I am, but you can call me Louise.
Feel free to leave any feedback on my page and my “snippets”.

If you would like me to post anything you have written, please email me and if I feel they are suitable I will be more than happy to post them under your name.

Happy writing! 




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