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The Weight of a Heart

The Weight of a Heart

July 23, 2022



How do you measure the weight of a heart?

The investments and the sacrifices made

The love, the grief, the joy and tears, the stops and start.

The holding back and the letting go – the balances are weighted

You get it right, you get it wrong,

You get back up or you fall apart.

Like a confidential broker -Your smile though your edges are frayed

But how do you measure the weight of a heart?


Early investments bring healthy rewards,

The hugs and cuddles, falling asleep in your arms.

The thank yous and kisses, the pictures on the fridge adorned.

Keeping them precious, loved, assured and safe from harm.

But the joint account from which they came,

Changes and shifts, the balances no longer the same

And those key dependants lose faith, gain shame.

In the ones they trusted, leaves them broken in pain.


So how do you measure the weight of a heart?

That hangs so heavy and shakes in its grief.

The love and joys of yesterday that play like a movie on repeat

Decisions and choices are needed and made with firm belief

You got it right, but somehow sweet victory feels like bitter defeat.

 So moving on, you make some changes, new life, new man, new start.

But still you ask yourself – How do you measure the weight of a heart?..



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