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It’s incredible, gazing into the sky at night
And knowing the galaxy spins at an unfathomable rate.
But as I stare towards the heavens - everything appears stationary.
That’s how it is for me when I think of you
It’s like - time is just standing still
Yet it’s spinning crazy fast
Too fast for me to reach my hand out.
Yet I try but everything seems motionless
And I can’t catch a moment of you.
It’s as though it was just yesterday
But it’s been years now since I touched you
I can see you and I can call your name
I know you can hear me
But I can’t reach you
Despite how hard I try.
For me you are a distant star
A thousand light years away.




"July 23 2021
An experiment at non rhyming poetry. I quite like it and in some ways I can see what the critics of rhyme say. That rhyme can be restrictive. So I have let myself go with this one to describe how it feels to be so close but yet so far, as the saying goes.

Louise Goodwin



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