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SA Poetry Slam Finals

SA Poetry Slam Finals

October 19, 2021

Well I made it to the SA Poetry Slam Finals. I didn’t gain a spot in the Nationals but I did alright!

The scores I received were not too shabby with a 9.9 and a 9.1 among the five scores. If anyone has read through my snippets, I read “Hey Chick for my performance. This is a poem in memory of a very dear friend of mine, Krista. Krista sadly passed away from breast cancer in June 2020.

Will I enter the Poetry Slam next year? Still undecided on that one. Although I have faith in what I write, I also need to be a performer and I am not quite sure I make the grade on that. It is quite daunting being on stage and reciting your own work in front of a crowd of about 100. But I did it and I am proud of that. But I do need some acting lessons and also learn how to overcome that nervousness. I need to be more animated!

Have a few more poems in my head at the moment which need to make it paper. What you read in SNIPPETS, is just a sample of what I have written. Most of what I write is extremely personal and therefore I won’t be putting everything in here.

My plan is to put a book together with my favourites at some point. So watch this space.

The”… And More” bit. In the next few weeks I will add to SNIPPETS. This will be non-poetry! I have a children’s story – need an illustrator though. I have also written some short stories, so will see some excerpts here too. Not too far away!

If you like or don’t like any of my SNIPPETS, please leave a comment. I am looking for constructive feedback, always!.



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