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You take a path – it twists and turns
You see new things, you look, you learn.
People come and people go,
Some stay, some will go.
You fall in love or so you believe,
Your paths merge, you duck and weave.
You try to head in the same direction
You make a mistake –your given correction.
You don’t meet each other in hopes and dreams.
Goals, ideals give way to plots and schemes.
Life on this path becomes a charade.
Outwardly, no rain on this parade.
But tumble weeds now litter the path,
A lonely hollowness, no love, no laugh.
The journey now must come to a close,
Time to realise the path you chose
Only leads to darkness, misery and gloom
It can’t go on, time to leave the room.
Remove the cobwebs and brush off the dust,
New path, new journey, new love, new trust.


"This snippet of my Pathways poem is simply about life’s journey and should be familiar with most people."

Louise Goodwin



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