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Oi! Over Here!

Oi! Over Here!

June 06, 2022

Age they say is all in the head
Better than the option of being dead!
A “journey”, it’s eloquently described
Pre-empted, planned and prescribed.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind growing older
I feel more vibrant and definitely bolder.
But there’s a downside that’s not health related
And it makes angry and sooo frustrated
I should be bathing in bubbles of tranquillity
But instead I’m wearing Harry’s cloak of invisibility.
It’s nothing new, happened generations before
Like the good china, you’re kept in the bottom drawer.
For display only, like a showground prize, then
Stuffed away again till another need arise.
That probably sounds funny, a little tongue in cheek
But there’s a dark side when you told not to speak
Cos’ you don’t know anything anymore
You’re irrelevant, old school and such a bore.
You’re old, you’re dumb, you got no zeal
You’re not young and pretty, no sex appeal.
Technologically vague and superseded
It’s time you backed down and conceded.
Like a sparkling bauble on Christmas day
You can shine then and maybe your birthday.
I’m sick of being told that I should quietly conform
To someone else’s idea of what’s the norm
Nah, I’m gonna grow older my way and loud
Keep shining and standing out in the crowd
Brash, brazen and indiscreet, cursing my way,
Like I always have. Not slowing down any day.
Forget the bingo and a night at the club
Bring me my gin I’m watching Porn Hub.
Stuff those plaid skirts and your sensible shoes
I’m living my way - the way I choose.
Not gonna hide myself away, so I’m here to warn yer
Nobody puts this baby in the corner.


Written 30/4/22 –
This is a theme I have been wanting to write about for a while. When you are younger you tend to think older people are no longer cool (we’re probably not, but we don’t care). Older people are no longer savvy, no longer relevant. People tend to have preconceived ideas of how we should age. Grow old with grace etc. Not a mantra I follow. I don’t intend to follow what society things I should. I, like everyone, am an individual. Always have been and going to continue. And yes, I have watched porn hub, several times.

Louise Goodwin



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