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I am performing again!

I am performing again!

July 10, 2022

Hi everyone!

Big shout out to those who have visited my website and I can see there have been many! fabulous to see. For a long time I have doubted my ability as a writer and definitely as a performer. For someone who has grown up very shy, this is a very big deal!

I have doubted my ability for  a long time, but I am slowly understanding that I do have a talent. As I have mentioned previously, writing poetry came as a  natural way for me to express my feelings of a given event, turmoil etc. Asking me to explain how I feel verbally will yield an incoherent jumble of words that amount to very little. Poetry came naturally to me. Most of it ended in the rubbish bin, but not now. I keep all  that I write. It doesn't all make it here. I have heaps that won't either and that is for a variety of reasons. Largely because they are intensely personal (yes, more so than what you read here!) and also because I don't think they are particularly good, but they have meaning to me, so I keep them.

Anyway, the point of today's blog is to advise that I am taking the plunge to perform again. I intend to register this Wednesday 13th July at The Alma Hotel in Willunga.  A small crowd I am imagining and hoping for!  So let's see how I go!  As for the Slams, they are in September this year and that conflicts with some travel plans.  Will take a closer look as the time nears, I may be able to swing it. We will see.


Well I did it and very succesful too!

When your family tells you you are good, you still doubt your ability. I think, "well you have to say that."

But there was a lot of applause and praise and requests to return. 

So I will be doing so on August 10 back at The Alma, Willunga.

I would have added a photo, but they didnt turn out well enough to put up here. Hopefully next time.

Tip I received from my 'drama teacher' aka Jacqui - I need to slow down. But its nerves and it will come with time. Something for me to work on.




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