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August 10, 2021

 I was the dirt beneath your feet
The shame you dare not speak
The filth that’s harboured on the floor
Swept under rug – no mention - no more.

But there was no sin! No filthy shame
Just a lonely child left to carry the blame
Of the sins of five and shame for the family name,
Your reputation overruled the child’s pain

And a lesson was learned to hide the hurt
So a wall was built to protect the dirt
To protect the soul from a wound made deeper
Inflicted by those who were the child’s keeper.

And the wall now stands as a fortress firm
Though an Archer’s aim might sting and burn
You won’t see her flesh twitch or see her cry
Because self-preservation is do or die.

And although the wall stands as a barricade
To protect within – to keep up a charade,
There’s a glimpse now and then through the turreted hell
Of a soul within, existing in a private shell.

And those most close were made to suffer
And scale the walls as they tried to love her
But they cannot see that demands can’t be made
If you follow the same path others earlier laid.

And those whose duty it was to protect
Who deserted their post – left it derelict
Disregard the destruction left in their wake
Ignored the bloody wounds which were their mistake.

And they continue on in preferred ignorance
Of a soul so precious – too often close to impotence
A soul that was damaged by their negligence
But it’s a soul claiming back its inheritance.

An inheritance that’s gifted from on a higher plain
Not from those who sought destruction for the family gain
The sweepings off the floor now stand tall, proud and neat
No longer will be called the dirt beneath your feet.





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